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Ministry of Community & Social Services
2 Bloor Street West, 24th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M7A 1E9
Phone: (416) 327-4730
Fax: (416) 327-0573

This is a social history profile about your birth family and the circumstances leading to your adoption. You are entitled to this information under Ontario's Child & Family Services Act. If your adoption was handled through a Children's Aid Society, you must apply to that agency. If handled by the Catholic Children's Aid Society, you must apply to:

Catholic Children's Aid Society
26 Maitland St.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M4Y 1C6
Phone: (416) 395-1650
Fax: (416) 395-1616

If it was handled privately, this is, through a doctor or lawyer, apply directly to the Ministry (see numbers above). If you do not know who handled your adoption, you may ask your adoptive parents or other family members, or you can contact the Ministry (see numbers above) and ask.

When applying for non-identifying information, include as much of the following data as you know:

*full adoptive name
*exact date of birth
*city or town where you were born
*full names and address of the adoptive parents when you went to live with them
*your birth name [if known, even if you don't know your surname]
*include a photocopy of your birth certificate, baptismal certificate, or driver's license
*include your current name, address and phone number and email address. [KEEP UPDATED!!]

Non-identifying background information is compiled from the file agency or the Ministry has about your birth family. How much information you can obtain depends wholly upon how much information was gathered and recorded when you were born, and may include some or all of the following:

*ages of birth parents, their parents (IE. birth grandparents) and siblings (IE. birth aunts and uncles)
*familys ethnic origin/nationality/
*languages spoken
*description of birth relatives, personalities, hobbies, talents and interests
*levels of education, general employment history
*marital status of birth parents, grandparents, etc
*outline of birth parents' relationship and circumstances leading up to your adoption.

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