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These are ONLY Manitoba's listings. For more information, check out the Association for Manitoba Archives. There you can find contact information, addresses and more.

Barnardo's Manitoba Training Farm ca.1888-1908
Benedictine Orphanage 1912-1940
Bethany Home 1956-1974
Brandon Children's Home ca.1920-ca.1950
Canadian Jewish Orphan's Home ca.1912-ca.1917
Children's Aid Society of Winnipeg Shelter/Receiving Home 1898-1944
Christian Women's Union (CWU) Maternity Hospital ca.1883-1887
Church Home for Girls ca.1928-ca.1970
Esther Robinson Jewish Orphanage & Children's Aid of W. Canada ca.1913-ca.1917
Girls Friendly Society Lodge ca.1915
Girls Home of Welcome/Canadian Women's Hostel (from ca.1925). 1897-ca.1935
Home of the Friendless/Home of the Friendless Children ca.1900-1928
Home of Winnipeg ca.1885-ca.1997 (Incorp. 1887)
Hugh John Macdonald Hostel (later Macdonald Youth Services) 1929-ca.1950
I.O.D.E. Children's Khaki Club Home 1918-ca.1925
Jewish Orphanage and Children's Aid Society of Western Canada ca.1917-1948
Knowles Home for Boys/Knowles School for Boys (from 1924) 1907- ca.1950 (Incorp. 1910)
Lindenview Home 1974-1993
Maison St. Joseph/St. Joseph Home (later College) 1904-1954
Methodist Social Service Home [uncertain]-1917
New Southwark Farm 1896-1904
Odd Fellows Home (Charleswood) 1922-ca.1955
Presbyterian Redemptive Home ca.1910-1917
Protestant Orphans Home ca.1927-ca.1955 (Incorp. 1920)
Providence Shelter 1923-1938
Rosalie Home (succeeded by Villa Rosa) ca.1945-1963
Russian Orthodox Orphanage ca.1905-1924
Salvation Army Children's Immigration ca.1908-ca.1938
Salvation Army Grace Hospital 1904-1956
Salvation Army Women's Rescue Home 1888-1904
St. Agnes Priory (later St. Agnes School) 1912-ca.1948 (Incorp. 1912)
St. Anthony's Orphanage ca.1912-ca.1928. (Incorp. 1914)
St. Boniface Home for Infants 1896-1903
St. Boniface Orphanage 1858-1935
St. Joseph's Orphanage 1900-1938 (Incorp. 1916)
St. Joseph's Vocational School 1938-1978
St. Norbert Infant's Home (also called Asile Ritchot) ca.1899-ca.1945
Ukrainian Orphanage (Parkdale) ca.1930-1938
United Church School Home (Teulon)/United Church Teulon Residence 1912-1996
United Social Service Home ca.1917-1928
Villa Rosa ca.1963-present (Incorp. 1965)
Women's Missionary Society (Presbyterian) School Home (Ethelbert) ca.1915-1920 (dates uncertain)
Women's Missionary Society (Presbyterian) School Home (Sifton) 1905-1924 (possibly 1929)

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