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Leslie G. Marie B's Canadian Adoption Search Help Site

This site is UNDER CONSTRUCTION so please be patient with me while I finish building it :D.


And today's date is:

Hi, and thanks for checking out my Canadian Adoption Site!! There are all sorts of links near the bottom of this page.

This site is mainly for Canadian Adoptees, but other members of the Adoption Triad can find useful information here as well.

My name is Leslie G. Marie B, and I'll be your hostess for the next little while.

I first started this site back in January, 2003. It was originally designed to help my natural mother, or other family members, to find me. My idea of "covering all my bases" sort of thing. I had been registered with so many online registries for several years, and there was never any matches for me. I started thinking, "What if no one in my family had their own computer? It would be much harder to go to the library or somewhere every day and read all the posts in the registries that are available." Some sites have tens of thousands of posts! So then I thought, on the off-chance that maybe someone would try it once and a while, if I designed my own web page, it would be so much easier and so much less time consuming to find me. So I did just that.

When I first started out registering, I did with anything I could find. After, I realized it was utterly pointless to join a site that either was strictly for the States, or had very few Canadians. I unregistered with all of these and went on a hunt for Canadian Content.

I didn't find much.

That's how my site grew. I thought if I, an internet junkie, was having difficulty finding Canadian sites, imagine what turmoil someone would be in who was an internet newbie and didn't know really what they were doing, or know exactly what they were looking for! So I searched, and searched and searched. And my site grew and grew and grew.

Once and a while I'd come across something adoption-related that I thought would be of interest to others. So I'd make a new page and add that. Then I'd find something else... and another page would get added on...

I've tried to cover as much as I can in every aspect that I can. It's mostly all Adoptee-related as I'm an Adoptee. I don't have experience for anything other than an Adoptee, but I do have sample letters and forms that covers all in the Adoption Triad.

Now, you don't HAVE to be an Adoptee, Natural Family Member or in the Adoption Triad to use my site. I do have all sorts of Genealogy sites, Cemetery listings, Military sites, newspapers for the world, and such for those of you interested in tracing back your family tree. [see below in my Adoption Links]

I also have a listing of the top search engines, telephone, snail mail, email, people and business directories. Some of these also include reverse lookups. [see below in my Adoption Links]

So there really is a little something for everyone here. To see if there's anything for you, just scroll down the page until you see the links. Each one has a little blurb under it explaining what each link is for. Well, unless it's self-explanatory.

I've had many person's who've already read my site tell me that they cried when reading my story and I should have warned them. So here's my Official Disclaimer: WARNING!! CONTENTS MAY MAKE YOU CRY! PLEASE DO NOT READ MY STORY UNLESS YOU HAVE A BOX OF KLEENEX'S ON HAND!! There. Now you can't say I didn't warn you. You're on your own now... lol

My Story:

About Me...
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My Links:

Adoption News
Interesting articles concerning adoption in Canada.

Check out all my Adoption Links!
Links for registries, support, cemeteries, chats, testing labs, genealogy/ancestry sites, PI's, legal stuff, message boards/forums, military sites, online newspapers, yellow and white pages and search engines.

Check out all the ADR's across Canada! (With each province's Gov'ts Homepages too!)
With new addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addy's and homepages for several listings!!
A list of every Adoption Disclosure Registry in Canada, categorized separately by Province. Complete with mailing address, phone, fax and toll free numbers, email address and each Province's Government homepage.

Check out all the Adoption Agencies in Ontario!
Need to know what agencies adopted children out? Then this is where you want to look! Complete with mailing address, phone and fax numbers, email address and homepages.

Check out the list of ALL Parent Finders across Canada!
Includes the Head Office, and complete with mailing address, phone, fax and toll free numbers, email address and each Parent Finders' homepage.

Check out the list of ALL CAS's across Ontario!
A list of Children's Aid Society's across Ontario. Complete with mailing address, phone and fax numbers. Sorry I don't have all of Canada yet, I'm working on it.

A Listing of Orphanages Across Canada!
Orphanages, Residential School, Homes, you name it, it's here!

Check out all my Canadian Facts and Statistics!
A few shocking facts and statistics.

Check out Medical Facts!
This is why we need OPEN RECORDS!!! Even if you don't want to search for your natural family, you should at least get ALL medical info for you and your children's sake! So many things are hereditary and you need to know what runs in your family.

Various Bits of Info that's a DEFINITE MUST READ!!!!
Information on Adoption Orders, Adoptee's Non-Id, Birth Relative Non-Id, Starting your search, How to obtain Divorce Records, the CFSA, FOI and POP Act, How the ADR works, and a Search checklist.

Check out sample letters for requesting info
Sample letters for Adoptee's requesting Non-Id, Natural Family members requesting Non-Id, an actual ADR Adoptee registry form, an actual ADR Natural Family registry form, sample letters for creating a Family Tree, requesting Family Tree information, contact with a Sibling, an actual form for requesting a Birth Certificate, and also one for requesting a Death or Marriage certificate [complete with instructions], and an Ombudsman Complaint form.