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Please note that you must always apply to the provincial government authorities in the province where your adoption was finalized, regardless of where you may have been born, or where you may live today when requesting the following.

The information immediately below applies specifically to those adopted in Ontario.

Obtain a copy of your Adoption Order. Your adoptive parents may have this document, or you may apply for a certified copy of it through the:
[note: I suggest doing this anyway as my adoption order my adoptive parents had was totally different than the one I had applied for from ADR]

Ministry of Community & Social Services
2 Bloor Street West, 24th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M7A 1E9
Phone: (416) 327-4730
Fax: (416) 327-0573
Cost: $15.00 and takes (6) weeks to obtain

If your adoption was finalized before 1970, YOUR FULL BIRTH NAME WILL APPEAR ON THIS ORDER. Your birth surname is your birth mother's legal surname at the time you were relinquished. If she was single, it's her maiden name, if she was married, it's her husband's name (IE. regardless of whether he was your father, etc).
[note: in my case, my natural mother was separated from her husband, not my father, for four years. But because they hadn't divorced, he had to sign the adoption papers].

If you were adopted after 1970, your Order may show only your given names (IE. your first and middle name/s) and the initial of your birth surname, followed by your birth registration number. This initial is the first letter of your birth mother's legal surname at the time you were born (see above).

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